Unique, all together

4500 visions, 4500 truths

To understand that our differences unite us.

Because without words, without seeing each other, we are miserable, weak, fragile, vulnerable, dependent, discriminated, anywhere, anytime.

Understand that there are as many ways as being a woman than there are situations/circonstances, cultures, even in his own street.

Make meet the different ways of being a woman and live free, together.

Listen and understand allow to interrogate, share, accept our differences and make benefits of it.

How ?

I am going to meet women, men, 4500 in a year, to ask them one question: “For you, what is it, being a woman?”

• Being a woman in her family

• Being a woman at work

• Being a woman in her town, in her community

• Being a woman in her intimacy

Because there are no needs to go on the other side of earth to take a look and understand the ones we bump into.

I’ll ask men too, because this project aims to unite. Our crossed perspectives will enrich us and allow us to better understand each other.

I am going with my notebook, my camera, and simply the wish to listen.

A word, a draw, a song, a picture, a video, a smile… from everyone.

For what result ?

• Raise awareness of the need of understanding the others, to understand our differences and accept them anywhere we live: companies, schools, families, communities, …

• I will make of it a movie, a documentary, a book, an exposition, articles, conferences and sharing workshops.

• Pictures and podcast-videos will be shared on social networks during the whole project.

• Conferences and a book will me made in order to transmit the messages from the people I met and unite us within our differences.

• A network of shared testimonies, experience feedbacks and, if needed, mutual aid, will be created, with the ones that will agree.

• Conferences, sharing seminars in schools, companies and charities will allow to spread the experiences.

It is a collective human adventure, a meeting story, a testimony on the significance of understanding what builds and unite us, anywhere. This adventure will enrich all the ones who will be part of it.